Hey this week has been super fun and busy like always. If you remember B from last week well we figured out the reason that he told us that he wasnt going to pass the interview. It turns out that they arent actually married. So we are working on helping them get married (im getting really good at weddings) but his wife H isnt too keen on the idea. but we went back with them and we animated them a lot to the idea of marriage and now we are just waiting on a date!!! #weddingnumber3
We are visiting the family of F, the convert of the elders and his daughter came to church for the second time and his wife for the first time. They really like the church and are really progressing. They are a great family. I hope that they will keep coming and that they will get baptized. they are miracles.
In the church so many members brought friends to church!!! it was amazing. I love the idea that we should never go to church alone. ALWAYS BRING A FRIEND.
This week i have learned that i am truly part chapina and that i understand all the jerga and can make an AMAZING TORTILLA.
We have found a lot of cool people this week!! and we are hoping for more miracles!!
we contacted a jehovas witness, taught her a little bit and then asked her if she knew of anyone that we could visit. She told us well i don’t know if you guys know but everybody runs away from you.
thanks. that’s comforting. We already knew that. haha
Hermana Gunderson