We are surrounded by miracles here. A week ago, we were walking down the street and this guy stopped us and asked us where the church building was. His name is alejandro and was baptized last year in Xela. He came to church that sunday and brought his little sister, who lives here in esperanza and who is not a member. We started teaching her this week and she is getting baptized this saturday. She literally just fell into our hands.
Our other miracle this week is with D. We had a lesson with her Wednesday and taught her the restoration in full. She didnt want any of it. She didnt want to be baptized and she didnt want to continue meeting with us. the next day we had a zone meeting where we had a gift exchange. One of our zone leaders was given a barbie as a joke and Hna C had the impression to ask for the barbie and go bring it to D for christmas. So we did that. We found her washing dishes and we helped her finish. She told us she didnt think that we were coming back. We sang a christmas song with her and talked about the importance of our savior. The miracle was that she was changed. She asked us who else is getting baptized on the 9th and told us that she is reading and understanding the Book of Mormon. It was a complete 180. She was so grateful for the barbie and that we came back. I have a testimony of the spirit. I am so glad Hna Cabrera listened to the promptings of the spirit. I know God is a God of miracles and the He prepares people to hear His gospel. Its His timing.
Another miracle was with J. J is one of our investigators. He has a desire to be baptized and knows that what we have taught is true its just that he works and studies all the time and hasnt been to church yet. He went to the christmas devotional but not to sunday meetings. He came this sunday to church.
Christmas here was fun. its different Christmas as a missionary but my testimony of the Savior has grown this month as our focus has been on the Savior.
Yo se que él vive. Yo se que yo puedo ser limpio de mis pecados a través él. Yo se que yo puedo vivir con mi Padre Celestial otra vez porque Jesucristo vive. Yo se que él es mi Salvador y que me ama y les ama cada una de ustedes. Tenemos esperanza y luz porque tenemos un Salvador Jesucristo. Todos cosas son posibles porque nos ha nacido un salvador.
Feliz Navidad y Nuevo año!!
Hermana Gunderson